Our Team

Dave Martin Senior Director, Operations

Dave leads the EV logistics Business in BC and other business units in Western Canada. Dave has been with the organization since 1993 and has held multiple roles.

Marshall Austin General Manager, Ambient

Marshall leads the EV logistics Ambient facility as General Manager, Operations. Prior to joining EV Logistics in 2003 Marshall had worked for over 15 years in the Warehousing and Distribution industry in multiple Exel locations throughout Canada and the United States.

Ryan Brown General Manager, Perishables

Ryan is the Distribution Services Manager at EV Logistics Perishable facility. Ryan has been with the company since 1994, he originally started as a floor team member at the Perishable facility. Ryan transferred to the Ambient facility for a ten year period before his return to the Perishable facility in October 2016.

Derek MacLeod Operational Business Manager, Finance

Derek leads the EV Logistics Finance department as Operational Business Manager, Finance. Derek has been with the EV Logistics team since August of 2013.

Devon Hardie Human Resources Manager

Devon leads the Human Resources Team at EV Logistics, she has been with EV Logistics since April 2017.

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